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Retire To The Music Room

song notes for the few that might be interested.

Pandora's Music Box: A sassy number to wind you up. Mainly in 7/4 slow intro till metal drives at about 2:00 min. It's a hot number, you may need a beer from the fridgian, or some harmonic minor as well. Also worth mentioning, after space break I found a guitar tone so Grungy Billy Gibbons be sayin', "man, tha't"s grungy".

Momentum: Probably the least technical cut in the project, but it is driving progressive rock, mainly in 15/8 time

Unlikely Infection: Intro drive based on all the "D" chords. Drives then breaks down to groovy fusion vamps reprised from intro.. 

Pathway to Convolution: Song based on improvised 37 bar melody, this is secretly played 5 times. Dark prog metal with poignant orchestration in middle.

Functional Pollution: The mixaloadians would have loved this one, nice smooth driving guitar oriented prog rock.

Escape of the Undersong: Most driving piece in project and benchmark for future AOW projects. From poignant piano cello duet to 8 bars of speed metal and everything in between, but mostly pushing hard. Opening Melody is based on the Ukrainian Dorian scale (same as regular Dorian with raised 4th) and the get down part uses a mixalodian scale. 

I Think : Power Funk: Note cannon that starts at 2:59,     bass starts first, other instruments follow for 38 bars. When music changes the cannon was so cacophonous I did a little themed 2 measure "Peaches En regalia" ish. cannon then resolves.

D' Leery Em' (Of course means to make some one less Leary, but this piece will make most poeple that aren't already, very leery of AOW).

This is my all time hardest to compose piece, I wanted to throw it out at least a dozen times. My Psychotherapist thought it would be best not to. That way he could make a full evaluation. let's say it wasn't pretty. He thought it was insane to use the "Persian" scale I found while researching this project, just because it has a lowered 2nd, 5th and 6th. Then for me to throw in some Lydian Harmonic minor and others, not to mention the dismembered 9/8 and 7/8 time signatures. Bring on the straight jacket.

Circus of Assai: When you were a kid, did you go to the circus and everything was in fast motion, yeah me neither, but none the less if you did they probably played this piece. fortunately it chills out and gets very "groovy" as it progresses. 


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