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The new Act Of Will EP “Socially Distanced” is a three part release from the “Covid Sessions”. recorded Spring, Summer and Fall 2020.

Did not plan an EP, Already had 6 other completed compositions. These three became very special for many personal reasons. 

Want no more info and go straight to tracks click here,

other wise track info and individual links below.

socially distanced front.jpg
socially distanced back v2.jpg

Part 1: Starts with boogey piano over rockin guitar playing main theme.

Jammin rock to funky mellow grooves. Outchorus (main Theme as welll solo was inspired after listening to Danny Gatton, did my best to conjure him up. Lots of fun here. 


Part 1:  

Part 2: This Prog rock-Fusion composition based on structures from part 1. Leans more toward progressive fusion. Your barn will be burnt to a crisp after this one.


Part 2:  

Part 3: This I was most proud of, a prog orchestration built as part 2 was, But I also orchestrated two solo's from part one. When I wrote the out chorus I was feeling lazing and wrote it for metal guitar bass and drums. After a while I got off my rear and re-arranged for big brass and actually gave it more drive. You may want to play this all the way till Clare sings, she's not fat as far as I know, but nonetheless it ain't over till she does.

AOW Orchestra featuring some real doggy women

aow orch.jpg

Part 3:  

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