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Act Of Will

Act Of Will is a pseudonym of Michael Wilson. It is a progressive rock-fusion-metal instrumental project with other influences. The Act Of Will project is a result of to many musical phrases trapped in my brain.

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Act Of Will's Sound

My sound is based on some of my favorite groups, Guitars, Bass, Violin, usually two drum parts, sometimes keys, although no hard rules, and lots of room for experimentation.

Genres Include progressive rock, progressive metal, jazz fusion, funk and whatever else floats my boat at the time. I use real and virtual instruments. I have on occasion used some commercial drum midi loops, almost certainly modified.

Michael Wilson
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I am a multi instrumentalist, composer, producer, professional audio mixer. My goal is to produce many faces of instrumental progressive music. I love odd time signatures, syncopated rhythm parts, and various modal scales etc. Slow to very fast tempos, melodic to dissonant passages..

Some Of my Modern Influences are:

Haken, Steve Via, Primus, Animals As Leaders, Dream Theater, Polyphia, Aristocrats plus all the old school progressive standards, Zappa, Dregs, BrandX................

Listening Guidelines

For Best Results; Act Of Will should be listened to at .5 db below distortion and You probably should consider better speakers.

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