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I recently wrote a melody based on scales listed on card below, featuring a lot of random key  and time signatures.  Then chorded.  This was an exercise I figured would end up in the trash. I have posted 3 versions. The first is basic as written piano with drums and lead. Second version is the as written passage (movement #2 of V3). The third is the full arrangement, final name Disruptive Coincidence. which is 7 movements.

Are there any mistakes in my theoretical practices? probably? 

Movement # 1: first mistake, started in Gmin instead of Amin, pretty much as written, just "stylized".

Movement # 2: As written

Movement # 3: 4/4 time, 2 measures each scale, improv melody's

Movement # 4: starts at the B Dorian for whatever reason layered over 15/8 drums and sprinkled as written melodies in order.

Movement #5: Cleaner funked up version with a little western metal thrown in.    

Movement #6: Drives hard through melody

Movement #7: Resolve and out

This challenged the hell out of me. Next thing I do, 4/4 E min for sure.

Sheet music software doesn't handle modes, so lots of accidentals. (It starts correct).

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